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. if we jump cheap corn into latin america -- dump cheap corn into latin america, what happens to the corn farmer in latin america? i think we need to ask that question. it needs to be part of the conversation. because i can't imagine most people who are undocumented really wanting to have to leave their home, their families, their friends to come to a country that they don't know or they don't necessarily speak the language, where they don't necessarily really know anyone, to try to make a life. they probably would rather stay home. but there's something that is drawing them here and it probably has something to do with our, you know, the great economy of the united states, but it probably also has something to do with the trade and agriculture policy which put a lot of pressure on economies in this hemisphere. so, with that, madam speaker, i'm just going to say, i'm going to yield back for the close to congressman polis, madam speaker, who has really been a champion on this issue, who has really kept the fire burning on it and i think, madam speaker, that we all owe him a debt of gratitu
, look those in new york's 21st district, including my own family, to the president's family, america stands next to poland in mourning. the solidarity of the polish people in their grief is an inspiration to us all. my thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost someone. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. defazio: the obama administration has steadfastly refused to contest the tariff of $2.4 billion levied by mexico because congress terminated the cross-border trucking program due to serious safety concerns. there is no drug testing in mexico. there are no hours of service requirements in mexico. there are no meaningful commercial driver's licenses issued in mexico to know what the record of these drivers are. congress overwhelmingly voted to terminate that program. but it's rumored the next month when the president of mexico comes, the obama administration will open the border to mexican trucks. jeopardizing the
believe my product was proper. >> reporter: in an interview to air on "good morning america," blankfein refused to say that goldman is being singled out. >> we surely aren't the only financial firm. and i think, in most of these markets, we were not the largest or even a large participant, compared to others. so, i can wish that the focus wasn't so disproportionately on us. but i'm not making any claims of unfairness. >> reporter: democrats had hoped that hearing would help them move ahead with financial reform. but with no republican support right now, the gop blocked a vote in the senate for the second-straight day. jeremy and vinita? >> all right. t.j. winick in washington. thanks. >>> and we'll have more from claire shipman's interview with lloyd blankfein later on "good morning america." >>> some politics now. our new poll must caused some serious concern for members of congress. 57% of voters we asked said they will look around for someone else to vote for in november. that's the lowest level of incumbent support since 1994. asked what party they will support in the fall. 48% say
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it's monday, april 26th. inside the heart of the stone. our cameras follow the massive tornado from louisiana to mississippi. rescue crews still searching for survivors. we're live on the scene. >>> and financial showdown. we have an exclusive interview with the key republican senator. >>> also, the fda is expected to greenlight the first vaccine to fight cancer. >>> and you remember her, lost for four days. now this brave little girl and her family join us for the first time since her miraculous rescue. >> got to love that early morning smile. and welcome back. tell us about your adventure. >> so, i'm gone a couple days, george, you change the place. back to the future here. >> this is all new for me. right here in the middle here of times square. >> best seat in the house. there was more dangerous weather overnight. but the big story this morning, the 250-mile path of destruction cut by as massive twister in g, mississippi. ten people killed there. hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed. trees uproote
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts on this monday, april 19th. and this morning -- global standstill. millions stranded by the ash cloud blanketing the skies. as britain sends naval warships. >>> and war of words. the israel prime minister says if they nation doesn't stop the nuclear program, israel will. >>> fight for premium. stop the an american student convicted of murder overseas says there's no proof she was even at the scene of the crime. will her appeal be heard? >>> and we want to tell you why you may have to ban beer in your future super bowl party. the new 3-d tv sets come with a warning. if you drink, don't watch. >>> well, a merry monday to everyone. i hope everyone's had a terrific weekend but not those trying to catch a flight somewhere. >>> i felt lucky getting out of washington just in time. european ministers are meeting today to discuss when and how they'll reopen airspace over europe. more than 20 countries are affected, and the volcano is still affective. right now, it's s
not move up. it performs america's legal immigration system to maximize american economic prosperity and will impose tough sanctions on employers who break the law. in arizona they passed a very draconian law on immigration because they are upset the federal government is not acting. in nevada, the republican governor sent a letter to president obama calling for action, federal action, on immigration. and i find the position of the republicans in arizona and in nevada who say the problem is one of the federal government now say we will not buy you work on it. that is why we are here this afternoon, inviting them to help was work on this issue. take a look at our proposals. i do not direct this to learn to grant only. there are 40 other republicans. take a look at this proposal. it is a good faith effort to move forward. we say, come and talk with us. work with us. >> thank you. we come to discuss this issue of immigration facing the reality of the broken immigration system in america facing the reality of a controversy law and arizona which is going to be challenged as it meets the m
called america's attention to the fact that it was not living out the reality of its promise. not just to african-americans, but to all americans. dorothy height showed extraordinary courage and conviction in the face of bigotry and discrimination and like so many in this body who faced bigotry and discrimination, they did not allow that to poison their soul. they did not allow that to diminish their relationship even with those who they saw as oppressors. to that extent, the above the conduct directed at them, to change that conduct by love and positive encombagement. dorothy height is a perfect example -- engagement. dorothy height is a perfect example. young and old participating in this society which unfortunately too often we see today falls into anger and competition rather than civility and discussion. i'm wore owed about the anger that i see in -- i'm worried about the anger that i see in society today. in some respects not justified at the level that we find it. yes, there's room for disagreement. but dorothy height shows us that notwithstanding the fact that there may be disa
unveil their contract from america, calling for the tax code to be scrapped. ♪ >>> and the emotional reunion for war heroes who liberated millions from nazi death camps. it's friday, april 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> happy friday to you. >> tax day's over, too. >> tax day's over. >> that's the best reason -- >> the weekend is almost here. lots to celebrate. we'll do that this half hour and throughout the morning. hope you stay with us. good morning. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm vinita nair. well, that plume of volcanic ash that is a virtual wall over the sky in the northern atlantic and northern europe is what we're talking about today. it may even affect president obama's trip to poland this weekend. >> it began spreading right after a remote volcano in iceland erupted two days ago. for the latest now we're joined by john hendren in washington. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. this morning thousands of passengers bound for europe are stranded and wondering just when they'll be able to board their planes. some fi
. measuring potential risks as america waits for the ash plume to clear and what the volcano desights to do next. >>> well, it appears gop opposition to legislation to regulate wall street may be softening. yesterday republicans backed off their harsh criticisms after democrats clarified that financial firms would not be receiving any bailouts through a $50 billion industry-supported fund. as a result, both parties are saying they can work together on financial regulation. nbc's steve handelsman has the story. >> reporter: it's the new big issue. financial regulation of wall street. >> we have to acknowledge that the status quo has not worked. >> reporter: government has just sued goldman sachs for knowingly selling bad mortgage security. lehman brothers bankruptcy when the housing bubble burst was probed in the house. >> the unscrupulous practices illustrates why the senate needs to quickly pass and the congress needs to swiftly finalize the wall street reform bill. >> reporter: democrats dropped the plan to keep bailouts as a backup. that could win over republican votes. >> there's a very
it for this espn news update, remember, you can always stay current with espn news. now back to abc's "america this morning." >>> well, humankind shouldn't rush through the welcome mat, but e.t. comes knocking. >> world famous astrophysicalist search hawkly says, take more independence day the dangerous nomad looking to conjure. >> hawking compares them to christopher columbus' arrival which he says didn't fare very well. the documentary airs on the discovery channel. that's the theory at least. >> i believe they could be out there. >>> coming up next, the stories we're following today, including the enormous recovery jobs for people in mississippi. >>> and baseball's best visit 1600 pennsylvania avenue. sneezing ] day after day, allergy season drags on. oh, how many days are you going to suffer? nasonex is the only prescription that's proven to help prevent most seasonal nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion, so you can have more symptom-free days. [ female announcer ] side effects were generally mild and included headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. it does
to sacramento. >>> ahead on "america this morning," international outrage after an american mother sends her adopted son back to russia alone. now, it could prevent other ericans from adoption. >>> and a frantic rescue as rising floodwaters carry a w >>> it c >>> it could be a big week on wall street. first quarter corpate earnings reports begin to come out today with google, intel and jpmorgan chase among them. it could spur the stock market to i seventh week of gains. the dow briefly touched the 11,000 mark on friday for the first time in a year and a half. and that high water mark could boost retail confidence. >> people pay attention to these big round numbers and that has the potential to bring retail investors back in the game. a lot of rally so far has been driven by big institutions but if mom and pops get into it, that could bring the dow higher still. >> as good as the market rally is, it's still 20% off the record high back in 2007. it's time for market activity. tokyo's nikkei average rose 47 points today. hong kong's hang seng fell 70. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall s
, obviously the biggest problem facing the economy here in america. you're the former labor secretary. what should the government be doing right now to help businesses create those new jobs we're looking for? >> well, small businesses are the major creator of jobs in america. they are having a hard time getting credit. one thing the government can do is simply to help the banks, regional banks, smaller banks, the sort that small businesses use to get credit to those small businesses more efficiently and quickly. also, it is very important that state and local governments get aid. they are right now as you know, they are hemorrhaging jobs cutting everything from teachers to firefighters and that has a negative multiplier effect. over this year and next year it's expected states will be cutting or raising taxes to the tune of $250 billion, a major fiscal drag on this economy and the fed ought to help out at least with say a temporary low interest or no interest loans to the states until the states can pay them back. >> what about tax day coming up next week. a day most americans dread. there'
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is too big? isn't that the whole idea of america, like trying to grow your company to become as big as possible? i don't know, that struck me as very interesting that now we're going to have a whole new era of determining whether or not companies are too big? >> well -- >> so if the republicans can block the vote today, the republicans will have a better footeding going forward to get a bill more to their liking. coming up straight ahead -- that's very true, steve. coming up, the reverend al sharpton threatening to fight arizona's new immigration law with civil disobedience. the sheriff next, he has something to say about that. >> please, don't stop the music. pop star rhianna takes a big tumble. and it's all caught -- >> there she goes. >> why does she wear those heels? >> tumble! [ isabella ] hi, i'm isabella, and this is pasta night at our house. [ laughter ] what is it about spaghetti and meatballs? i mean, it's a fun night. and the whole dinner is from great value at walmart. and it's all for less than $2 a serving. i have a budget like anyone else. this is what i did with mi
the thirst of a v6 with the thrust of a v8. the most innovative full- size sedan in america: the taurus sho, from ford. drive one. >>> after the white house got crossways with an american icon this week, after neil armstrong called the president out, warning him not to gut the manned space program. today the president said he expects an american will go to mars in his lifetime, and that's after we land on an asteroid, we learned today. tom costello was at the kennedy space center for the president's speech today. >> reporter: hi, brian. solid time tables and reassurances today from the president who said the following, "space exploration is not a luxury or an afterthought in america's quest for a brighter future. instead, it is an essential part of that quest." on the very runway used by america's space shuttle fleet, president obama touched down at the kennedy space center to sell his vision to a skeptical public. >> i am 100% committed to the mission of nasa and its future. >> reporter: the president's audience consisted largely of supporters of his plan with only a handful of space cente
than a decade ago is that they are so much cozier with corporate america today than they were a decade ago. and much more so than they let on in public. i think it's amazing and breath taking that greg greg, top lawyer, champion of the left, top lawyer in the obama white house before he was forced out in the champion of the left is now the sherpa for goldman sachs, or that dick gephardt, the leader of house democrats, the last event i saw him at was in iowa where he had all these union members around him rocking to ac/dc drinking beer because he was a champion of the labor movement. now he's out there advising goldman sachs. you see this across the board for the democratic party where they get so much money from wall street and so much money from corporate america that it makes it harder to paint republicans as being in the hip pocket of business. and i think that -- >> okay. >> -- that's covering the backdrop of the debate. >> i said something moderately nice about barack obama. i'm going to try another one. >> oh, good. this will be a good day. >> all right, here we go. since barack
in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. >>> live coverage for you now. that police press conference has just begun regarding the missing ohio mother who police at one point thought might have been in danger. she has been found alive and well. let's listen. >> our leads that we got that led that finding her were from grass-roots efforts from the public that we used to get the surveillance videos and connect mr. hutcherson with her. and at that point we were able to do some things that led to finding this lady like we wanted
unsustainable. it's going to cause huge problems for america so we have to do something about it. >> i want to ask you about that. >> this is one of the frustrating thing. every time i talk about the deficits you'll have democrats g it's george bush's fault. and every time you tell republicans, oh, it's all barack obama's fault. no, it's actually both of their faults. and this is just math. this is simple math. you look at barack obama's budget over the next decade, it is frightening. again, bush was horrific in doubling it from about $5 to $10 trillion. obama doubles it from $10 to $20 trillion. no spending cuts are made. nothing responsible. no restraint shown. george bush and barack obama have more in common than extremists want you to believe. >> we need to dig into what mort thinks is going to cause us problems. >> putting things off on a credit card. >> and some people, on this tax day, it's important for americans to know, there are some people that believe the problem is, you don't pay enough taxes. i had a guest here told me offset that he thinks there should be 75% tax rates. it s
the former president had to say today. >> before the bombing occurred, there was a sort of fever in america. the fabric of american life had been unraveling. there was a lot of violence in our cities. there was a rise of gang violence in particular. what we learned from oklahoma city is not that we should gag each other or that we should reduce our passion for the positions we hold, but that the words we use really do matter because there are, there's this vast echo chamber and they go across space and they fall on the serious and the delirious alike. >> in a reference in a "new york times" article yesterday proceeding this event today, he talked about some of the rhetoric frankly, from the protests, the tea party protests, and michele bachmann. her particular use of the word, gangster, to reflect our government. this was michele bachmann yesterday. >> i think they don't realize that your iq scores are way above average. we're on to them. we're on to this gangster government. hey, you look happy to me. you don't look angry. that's because you get it and you are smart enough to get off your
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is "guilty, liberal victims and their assault on america." also aisha tyler, comedian and political moderate. tea party rallies are under way all across the country, especially in new york and washington. we are looking live now at what's going on. we will get reaction now from our guest starting with ann. that was a bit hyperbolic. the two of you ripping into each other. >> now it's on. >> i apologize. that said and this tea party movement, has it had any real impact thus far beyond us talking about it on radio and tv? >> well, there has been a lot of chit-chat about it. i think so. there are a limited number of test cases yet but it did well in new jersey, in virginia, then in massachusetts. of course the november elections coming this fall. i think it's funny after the poll on the new york times. they surveyed tea partiers and it turned out they are more highly educated and a little wealthier than the american populous at large. so it will go from them being hillbillies to republican fat cats, but i think they are regular americans. >> is it your feeling it's been based on classism? >> no
comments. >> america has got to be back in the future business, we have to be a tomorrow country. we have to create more jobs, revive manufacturing. we can't do it if we keep mortgaging our future to other people. the way to sell this to people in america is to tell them half of our debt is held by people and other countries and soon it will be 75% and do they wanted for their -- do they really want that for their children and grandchildren? then i would tell them that i would be careful how i do this. i would it everything i can to minimize the burden on the old, the poor, and unfortunate, but that in order to do that, you have to change the way you do health care, the way we do energy, the way we do education, -- and you have to reverse the age ratio. host: that is the former president yesterday. you hear what he says, the tomorrow country -- create more jobs, revive manufacturing, address federal debt, minimize the burdens on the old, pork, and unfortunate, change the way we do health care, energy, and education, and this last point, that the country needs more immigrants. we need to c
want to maximize america's prosperity. our failure to act is perpetuating a broken system that discourages the world's best and brightest to come here and contribute to our economy. we will attract the world's best and brightest to america because our framework will award a green card to immigrants to get a ph.d. or master's degree in science and technology, engineering, or math from american university. finally, the american people deserve more than empty rhetoric and impractical calls for mass deportation. our framework says, if you've been working hard, kept your nose clean and be productive, you'll be able to get right with the law if you come forward, register with the government come to admit you are here illegally, pay the taxes you owe, and pass background checks bridge are framework creates a way to let people live upright lives after paying the penalties for illegal action. in conclusion, immigration reform is a morally complex and politically explosive challenge. there is no more important and difficult task than defining the american community and determining h
will be joined by shane harris author of "the watchers: the rise of america's surveillance state." p.w. singer author of "wired for war" and bruce riedel, author of "the search for al qaeda." the second panel will begin in about an hour and 50 minutes on the world of water. we expect the third panel at about 1:15. it will be on wall street. >> we're going to get started. can you hear me okay? thanks for joining us, and i wonderful thing because so many of you want to spend a beautiful saturday morning in a dark jim talking about cheerful subjects like al qaeda, terrorism, robotic soldiers and war was electronic surveillance. but welcome. i've been asked to remind you to turn off cell phones and to emphasize that point i'm going to ask if any cell phones rang that the camera turned on new. to be as humiliating as possible. i'm going to be very brief and introductions so that we have as much time as possible to talk about the books in question, which are all fascinating. to my left sets two of my colleagues and ask her sort of three colleagues. one of them sort of honorary. bruce riedel who sits
with dangerous life in the wild. how? why? she'll tell us live on "america live" right now. >> so i started like hearing the roar, so i went outside with the customer, you couldn't even walk outside, it was like everything was moving, the rails were bending to the sides, cars were moving. megyn: that was new reaction from california, fresh aftershocks are rocking communities on the west coast. nearly 18 hours after a deadly 7.2 quake hit near the u.s.-mexico border. now we are learning the ground might not stop shaking for days. look at this video out of arizona. store surveillance video showing the intensity of the earthquake felt by at least 20 million people. the quake's epicenter was south of the border, but could be felt as far away as los angeles and phoenix, arizona where folks in high rises say they felt their building swaying. california native trace gallagher knows a thing or two about thighs quakes. he's live in the newsroom. tell us about the aftershocks we're hearing about. >> reporter: i called family and friends in california and they are still shaking, with hundreds of aftershock
's "building up america" report. >> reporter: in all of central texas, there may be no one who knows more about rebuilding than the woman who runs this lumber company out on the edge of austin. because for the past few years, that's all her life has been about. >> hey, there. what you got for me? >> reporter: a dozen years back, laura cullen took over her dad's business. and even as a single mother she was making a go of it until new year's eve, 2005. and so then calamity strikes. what happened? >> a massive fire. everything that laura owned burnt to the ground. >> reporter: $1 million worth of buildings, equipment and inventory, gone. laura had no insurance, little savings. but she did have conviction. this would not defeat her. so laura moved into a house on the edge of the property and day by day started to rebuild. now, remember, while this was happening, the entire construction industry in this country took a nose dive. so she didn't have to just rebuild. she has to remake her entire business plan. this is cotton insulation. >> this is made out of recycled blue jeans. >> reporter: to cash
hood. and it continues to wage what it calls raides on america. it was foiled last christmas but we can certain that is not the end of them. the first rule of the war is to know your enemy. and surprisingly we don't know very much about our enemy and we haven't devoted the attention and resources. in the cold war we build institutions of higher learning and across the united states of america estes' study the soviet china. but we haven't devoted the same kind of effort to understand the enemy we face today. when we retire from the cia three years ago i try to fill the gap and that is the search for al qaeda is all about. not to give a better understanding for americans and people beyond america as well, the nature of the enemy we face. why do they hate us, why do they attack, who are their leaders, what are their strong points and what are their folder of the lease? now a book written about a bunch of murders hiding all the other side of the plan that who don't give a lot of interviews to journalists or academics and you really don't want to do an interview with them given their declara
. everybody, fox news alert, it is all your money and it is america's future today, a way to keep the nation's head above water, the kickoff for the president's debt commission happens in minutes, how deep it the hole today? we are more than $12 trillion in debt, that's $41,000 for every american citizen, only two things you can do when you're in debt this badly, stop spending or raise or money or perhaps -- raise more money or perhaps do both. which way will the commission go? we'll find out together on "america's newsroom". >>> that is just one big story. a big day. welcome, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning to you, bill, good morning, everybody, i'm martha mcical up. get ready, folks, a showdown today on capitol hill, lawmakers put goldman sachs in the crosshairs and the big event, lloyd blankfein on the hot seat. goldman is expected to deny they profited from the housing collapse and we'll be watching that very closely today. bill: indeed we will. also the disturbing image of the suspected chris may day body bomber proving the man who tried to detonate a bomb on christmas
. they're not alone. under constant attack, corporate america is losing critical data to overseas competitors robbing the u.s. economy of up to $20 billion a year. most worrisome is the risk to the u.s. power grid, a 6 million mile web of electrical distribution lines powering up nearly 145 million homes and businesses. all controlled by computer commands and open to cyber attack. this american hacker known as mudge knows firsthand how vulnerable these systems are. ten years ago, he bored in to regional telecom and utility networks. within a week, he'd worked out how to take most of them down. >> it was terrifying. it was absolutely terrifying. that was my epiphany was if i figured it out, other people figured it out, also. >> reporter: the government is quietly hiring hackers to learn their secrets. last month, mudge began working for the secretive research arm of the department of defense. however, the u.s. is playing catchup. countries like china and russia are dedicated considerable resources to the cyber battlefront while the u.s. has been slow to react. >> so establish the p
been disagreements among democrats, the obama administration and republicans over just how america's financial system should be reformed. the sweeping financial reform bill is just hours away from its biggest test yet. >> 18 months ago, people broke into our home, stole everything in our house, and we haven't even changed the locks on the place yet. >> reporter: this afternoon, the senate will vote on whether to begin debate on the measure aimed at reigning in wall street and preventing another economic meltdown. democrats need the support of at least one republican to move ahead, but that may be tough. >> it's my expectation that we will not go forward with this partisan bill. >> reporter: the gop is holding out for big changes including dropping a multibillion dollar bailout fund financed by large banks. conservatives also think a new consumer protection agency would create too much bureaucracy. hoping to lock in at least a couple of republican votes, senate democrats agreed to tighten the rules on derivatives. the complex securities are widely blamed for triggering the financial
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. the tape destruction is the subject of a justice department investigation. >>> all across america yesterday people gathered to show their government they are fed up with the way things are going. tea party activists rallied. much of their anger is directed at president obama. yet at a fund-raiser in miami, mr. obama said he's amused by their effortses. >> we cut taxes for 95% of working americans just like i promised we would on the campaign. i've been a little amused over the past couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes, taxes. you would think they would be saying thank you. that's what you'd think. >> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. >>> a tennessee man has been charged with a dui after an officer pulled him over riding an unusual set of wheels. the cruiser's dash cam shows the man driving a lawn moyer. according to police, the man smelleded like alcohol and failed a sobriety test. >>> in virginia you could say one father wasn't setting the best example for his daughter. surveillance cameras in a grocery store s
like -- who was -- ned lamont was loved by progressives across america. >> the problem is, kendrick meek. is there an alternative to him being the independent? with joe lieberman there was no viable republican alternative to all republicans went to lieberman. >> i don't think the democrats will bail on meeks. i don't think they can if he has himself out there, a democratic congressman. they'll have to help him out. do you think that crist could go the democratic party? >> i think he could. i think he could. i think charlie can -- >> the teachers union all the way. >> it's just an inversion of how you normally think about education. >> charlie thinks first about winning. secondly he thinks about winning. third, he thinks about winning. he's thought this through. >> his poll numbers suggest maybe he thought it through erroneously. >> what i'm saying is, he's figured out whether it's better for him to run as an independent or run as a democrat. >> he's clearly stuck it to the republicans and conservatives with decision. it's good-bye and the horse you rode in on. >> unforgivable sin. s
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on people in america is not good news. sandra hughes has the shocking results of a new government survey. >> reporter: stop someone on any street in america and chances are you'll find a chronic health problem. >> a little high on the cholesterol. >> i have high cholesterol, yes. >> reporter: this man has high blood pressure. >> i'm hoping i can get off this medication. >> reporter: they have plenty of company. the centers for disease control has startling new data about the state of our health. 45% of americans, almost half the entire adult population, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. conditions that are killing us. >> each one of these conditions is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the u.s. >> reporter: even more frightening, the study finds 13% of americans have two of the conditions. and 3% are struggling with all three. the cause? science points to americans' growing waistline. we're eating too much and exercising too little. the latest statistics show that one-third of americans are obese. >> you eat a l
? >> caller: i would like to know your take on a company that's now the second largest company in the americas, jim. i'm talking about petrobras, pbr -- >> overdone, gus! overdone. it's moved too much. it's too big. and yes, i like brazil. how many times have i said even in this terrible debt to buy banko santender. but i think there are cheaper oiltz. i think bp's cheaper. i think we should keep playing with the calls, frankly. like maybe we go to mark in the land of enchantment of new mexico. mark. >> caller: jim, boo-yah to ya. >> hey, let me give you a boomer sooner boo-yah, lobo to ya. >> caller: thanks. >> by the way, i had butler, and i have duke. no, that's not true. i had like georgetown and syracuse. go ahead. >> caller: cool. say, i've been eyeballing first energy, and it's been downgraded recently. want to ask you if this is a good time to pick it up. >> i looked at first energy today. i was going to do a story about how the utilities are in buy mode. i love the acquisition that they made. and then you know, just this incredible wave of negativity. there's still one more problem wi
years of an obama presidency, how do you want to change america's judicial system and its impact on the oat? >> i think this is a big difference between progressives and conservatives because you've seen the most activist judges be conservative judges. we have a supreme court that just had a major ruling that undid 100 years of precedent. you have basically the nominees are progressives, ones we're putting forward. ones that have been in the nix, ones that my colleague says are radical are very main treatment nomin nominees. nobody thinks these people are radical. there's no main treatment views of the people that people would argue is so out to the left center. that's why i think the president has a tremendous advantage as he moves forward in the process. his nominees are mainstream. >> i want to ask you ask more product. you used main treatment, broad, conservative. it's about issues, cases in the law. there's a broader conversation in our society right now that, in some cases, limited number of cases, i want to be clear, goes over the line. wolf blitzer interviews the former p
question. to those viewers watching this in the heartland of america, we are in my hometown of manhattan and i love it. it is important to appreciate that the dynamic you are describing which is far left liberals, progressives which is different to as corporal terms so i'm not going to use progressive but liberals believe criticizing obama on the left while the far right is convinced president obama is a secret socialist. the far left think he is a corporate sellout, so a real little reality check for everybody to get your heads in how screwed up our political debate is in this country. there are folks on the left to believe they hated president bush on principle and now they think president obama is a sellout and among the net roots the center is under attack work of this dynamic is going on. does the same dynamic we see in the public-- republican party. now we really hate the common-- in the white house. again benjamin franklin said we must all doubt a little bit of our own infallibility. what you are describing is i believe the mirror image of a lot of folks in the conservative popula
and st lake city. phoenix will hit 77. and sacramento is 65. >>> coming up on "america this morning," a new look at what caused the biggest bank collapse in history. >>> then, quarterback ben roethlisberger escapes criminal charges. but not the wrath of one prosecutor, who tells him to grow up. >>> and a surprise from conan o'brien, on his return to late night. >>> wall street's 11,000-level milestone doesn't seem to be exciting investors overseas this morning. tokyo's nikkei average and hong kong's hang seng were both down. in london, the ftse also opened lower. wall street starts the day with the dow jones industrial average at 11,006, after yesterday's small increase. the nasdaq was also up. >>> today, congress will hear from executives of washington mutual, the biggest bank to fail in history. senate failed to stop the deceptive practices. the documents show loan officers were rewarded for the volume and speed of subprime mortgages they sold. >>> twitter rolls out a moneymaking advertising prom today. new, promoted tweets will appear when users search certain key words. they wil
it will curtail america's leadership in space exploration. but another space pioneer, buzz aldrin, has come out in favor of the changes. >> i totally agree that we should set our sights much higher than just returning to the moon. that's not america. america leads. and it should be leading in space. >> three, two, one, liftoff -- >> reporter: in addition to his $6 billion boost for nasa already announced, the president is expected to reveal a new heavy lift rocket development program and a $40 billion initiative to help the florida space coast transform its economy with the help of the commercial space industry and a plan to renovate the kennedy space center. rachel martin, abc news, washington. >>> well, there will soon be an archive of tweets at the library of congress. twitter is donated its archive of tweets so that researchers can look at discussions of significant events like president obama's election or the haiti earthquake. of course, the billions of tweets would also include discussions of some very insignificant events. so be sure to choose those 140 characters carefully. how about t
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